Tuesday, December 18, 2012

T&B Barnaby Brooks Jr. Model Kit

I've been a figure collector for a few years now and since then I've always wanted to take on the many amazing mecha model kits that are out there, but because of the level of intricacy that goes into constructing them, I have been greatly put off by them.

And then, Bandai came out with 1/8 Tiger & Bunny model kits. My love for this series knows no limits, so without a moments hesitation I ordered both Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Now, in all my excitement, I forgot to take progress photos of Wild Tiger so this post will only consist of Barnaby. It's quite funny how building just a single hand or foot makes you feel so accomplished.

He's alive! No, but that's how I felt when I finally got him to stand. Gotta love those fabulous legs.

After about three days of work I finally finished him! He looks great and even tho the water decals for his face were a pain to apply I think they came out pretty well. I also had to repaint his hair because it was gold and looked pretty flat and boring. The repaint really gave his hair much more dimension.

This kit was so much fun and fairly easy to construct, and if you're a fan of both the series and building stuff, I highly suggest picking up these MG Figurerise kits!



Nemui said...

Eeee~~~ That kit is amazing~ I really like the open face part. Great job assembling Bunny-chan!

(This is Nemu from MFC) :D

Marice said...

Hey Nemu! Thanks so much for commenting. I agree, the open face option is great, although sticking the decals is a bit tricky. However, once you get the hang of putting the decals on, the second kit becomes easier :)

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