Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Ringflash/lite

Sometime ago I decided that I wanted a ringlight because it gave off a 'cool lighting' effect that I very much wanted to play around with. Seeing as how I was short on cash my only solution was to make one myself, and with the help of the internet I found this DIY Ringflash/lite tutorial by Flickr member Jedrek 

I didn't exactly have all the materials that were listed on the tutorial so I made due with what was available in my kitchen and craft supply drawer. With the help of none other than Maki, we made this makeshift fun piece of lighting equipment.

This was the result of the DIY ringlight. The light seems less harsh than what a real ringlight produces but that's to be expect from something handmade. Still, it produces a fun little effect. I was standing roughly 4ft. from the wall and the camera was around 3ft. away from me.

And here is another photo that I took several weeks later. I look oh so fabulous. I was a few inches away from the wall and this time the camera was 2ft. away. As you can see, it works better when you are closer to both the wall and the camera.

So if you have a bit of a McGyver in you and you want to play around with your light then check out the tutorial posted above or search for a different one. There's plenty of them out there. Have fun~



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