Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do It Youself: Blingtastic Nails

Nail polish in the color of your choice
Loose Glitter
Rhinestones and other embellishments
Clear Nail polish
Fluffy Craft Brush

Step 1 :: Select your color scheme! For this tutorial I'm going to be
using black nail polish, silver loose glitter, clear/silver
rhinestones and white pearl stones.

Step 2 :: Apply your nail polish color base and let it dry. 

Step 3 :: Apply the clear nail polish to the top half of your nail.
Starting from your cuticle first and then moving downwards. Dip your
fluffy craft brush into the loose glitter to pick some of it up. While
the clear polish is still wet carefully hold the brush over your nail
and sprinkle the glitter on top of the clear nail polish. Do not press
the brush on to your nail. Chances are you will add too much glitter
and you will have to start all over again. If you want more glitter
just repeat this step again. 
Step 4 :: Apply clear nail polish again but this time apply it to the
top 3/4 of your nail instead of the half. Sprinkle glitter on your
nail again as described in step 3.
Step 5 :: Apply clear nail polish to the entire nail. Pick up only a
little bit of the glitter and sprinkle it to the tip of the nail only.

Step 6 :: It's time to add your rhinestones! Using the clear nail polish
as your glue, put a small dot of the clear polish on your nail where
you want to place your stones. Once you are satisfied with the
arrangement of your stones, press down on them gently to ensure that
the stones are set and wont come off.

Step 7 :: It's time to seal the stones with the clear nail polish. Apply
the clear nail polish to your rhinestones making sure that the stones
are completely covered in clear nail polish. Don't hold back on the
nail polish! It might look like a lot at first but once the clear
polish dries it will look much cleaner and settled. If you feel like
the stones are not secure enough just repeat this step again. 

Step 8 :: This step is optional or if you have long nails. Add a thin
coat of clear nail polish to the rest of your nail.

FINITO! Your nails are blingtastic!

This nail tutorial was brought to you by Maki~! 


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